Short Post with Good Links

I am spending time this week just surfing the Internet for some new Web 2.0 tools to use in the classroom.  I thought I’d pass on three new resources that I found so far that I think could be useful for many teachers and students.  All are free and require no more than an email address to register.

1.  Super Teacher Tools Flash Classroom Jeopardy – Creating Jeopardy-style games has never been easier.  This site has the template all ready for you.  All you have to do is plug in your questions and answers and click “create game”.  Instantly, you have a Jeopardy game that can be used with a Smart Board.  No more using Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote for these kinds of games.  This is so much easier! The template works with both PCs and Macs.  Your games are saved to the site, you can choose to make them private or public, and you can password protect them so no one can edit them but you.  As a bonus, this site also includes other game templates like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and a traditional board game template for the Smart Board.  Best site I’ve found in a long time.

2.  When In Time – When In Time is a resource that allows teachers and students to create their own timelines, which are stored for free on the site.  The timelines can be easily shared or kept private, and all that is needed to register with the site is an email address.  This timeline maker appears to allow for more detail than others I’ve seen.  You can embed images, and choose among different templates and background designs.  Timelines don’t have to be just for history, either.  You could chart the major events of a novel just as easily.

3.  PDF Escape – PDF Escape performs multiple functions with PDF documents, but the two functions I like best are the PDF Filler and PDF Annotator.  The PDF Filler allows students to upload a PDF document, fill it in, and then save it to their computer.  So you could hand out a diagram or other kind of worksheet as a PDF, and the students can upload it to the site and complete it.  Then, they can save it and turn it in or keep it for notes.  The PDF Annotator function allows students to upload a PDF to mark up, highlight, and add sticky notes.  They can then save the PDF with their annotations.  The free version of PDF Escape does come with advertisements, but you could upgrade to the paid version if that’s a major issue for you.  Again, all you need is an email address to register.  (Shout out to Kerri W. for sharing this one with me!)

Hope these are of help.  I will post more as I come across them.


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