This Video Is Worth Watching – Really

Math teachers (and every other kind of teacher, too), this video is for you.  Dan Meyer is a math teacher who argues in this video that “math class needs a makeover.”  But really, he provides good insights for all teachers regardless of their discipline, and his talk could have just as easily been titled “School Needs a Makeover.”  He’s focused on inquiry-based learning and engaging students with the right questions.  More importantly, he wants to make sure students learn how to ask the right questions, not just answer them.  This short video has the wheels turning in my own head about how his thoughts apply to my classes, particularly my government class.  How about you?



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  2. This is what I try to do. I’m sure I don’t do it well, and I don’t use multimedia, but I do try to start with the end question and let the students build it up. I struggle with their apathy and their lack of shame about their apathy. I haven’t yet figured out how to get them to actually care, to actually believe that I can help them be better in their careers. I’m still working on that part…

    • I would imagine by the time the students are in college the apathy that you mention is so deeply entrenched it’s difficult to battle. I think I’m a little better off since my students are still in high school. It really has to start with K-12 education – not boring the kids to death or teaching them to be automatons. But I, too, contend with their “lack of shame about their apathy,” mostly on the part of my senior students, especially second semester. It’s then that they suffer from a debilitating disease called “Senioritis.” 🙂

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