One Day Down – Many, Many To Go

Well, the first day of school is over, and I have one day of teaching in a 1:1 environment under my belt.  Yes, it was only 20 minutes per class period, but I’m still counting it.

Actually, things went incredibly smoothly.  My students had no technology issues like slow browsers or the like.  Almost all of them are now enrolled in my courses on Edmodo, although I do have a few stragglers I’ll get to tomorrow. I went over the course syllabi with all of my classes and explained to my AP students how to register for their online textbooks.  All in all, pretty successful for such a limited amount of time.  With just a few housekeeping issues left, I should be able to begin teaching in each of my classes tomorrow.

Besides just having a successful day in terms of getting “stuff” done, here’s what I noticed as I talked to students and colleagues and walked around school today.  I saw excitement and energy.  I saw some anxiety and a little fear.  I saw teachers helping teachers with computer issues and students helping students in the same way.  I saw students teaching their teachers how to do something on the computer and vice versa.

Here’s what I didn’t see or hear.  I didn’t see students or teachers having meltdowns.  I didn’t hear too much negativity, although there’s always some, on the part of students or teachers.  I didn’t see lots of computer problems like connection issues.

Now, granted, this was a very short day, and not all teachers even had their students use their computers.  Nevertheless, I’m encouraged by what I saw and heard and by what I didn’t see and hear.  All of which is to say, I’m excited for tomorrow and the next day.


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