Monday Morning Roundup #6

Okay…I know I said I’d have more resources this week than last week, but I just didn’t come across much this week, I’m afraid. Here’s what I did find. Hopefully, someone will find one or more of these useful.

1. Irregular Verb Wheel Game – This is a game on the MacMillan Dictionary website that helps students practice different verb forms. Simple and easy and FREE!

2. Szoter – I use a lot of images in my classes, and my AP history students have to learn how to analyze images for the AP exam. Szoter is an online tool that allows for easy annotation of images. Upload a photo or other image, add some text and arrows, and draw on the image. Then, save your work. Students could identify different parts of organisms, analyze paintings, explain political cartoons, etc. The site is FREE.

3. Taking Sides – In my last post, I wrote about Socratic seminars. McGraw-Hill has a series called Taking Sides, which offers great questions and articles for Socratic seminars at the upper school level. The series has dozens of titles that cover nearly every topic you can imagine. A question is posed, and then two excerpted academic articles offer opposing viewpoints on the issue. You can find most of the books online, used or new, and they are relatively inexpensive.


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