Monday Morning Roundup #7

Here’s a few educational resources I’ve learned about (or relearned about :)) over the last week.  Enjoy!

1. Stipple – Stipple is similar to Szoter, which I wrote about in a previous post.  With Stipple, you can upload images and add tags.  Tags can link to videos, other images, text, websites, other documents, etc.  I can imagine students using Stipple to report on and create multimedia presentations on a work of art, a historical photograph, or a mathematical or scientific model.  Stipple is in its BETA phase, and you can sign up for FREE with an email address.

2. Socrative – Socrative is a student response system that can be used with smartphones, laptops, or tablets.  Teachers can set up an account in minutes and receive a classroom code.  Students then put the classroom code into their own device.  When a teacher asks a question, the students answer the questions on their devices, with feedback immediately generated.  Teachers can also quiz students and play review games with the students using Socrative.  The site is FREE.

3.  U.S. Political Conventions and Campaigns – Northeastern University has created a website devoted to political conventions and campaigns.  There are sections on campaign history, campaign finance, conventions, and policy and platform.  The site also has lesson plans that could be adapted and used for different grade levels.  The site is FREE.

4.  Street View of Mesoamerica – If you teach world history, you may want to check out the new images of Mesoamerican archeological sites that Google just released.  30 street views of historical sites from Mexico and Brazil are included, providing a kind of virtual field trip for your students.  The site is FREE.

5.  Flipsnack – Flipsnack allows you and your students to create digital books from PDFs.  Students convert a Pages or Word Document or other file to PDF.  Then, they upload their file to the website, choose the style of their book, and the website does the rest.  A link is generated that can easily be shared.  Digital books are great for independent or group projects.  Check out this book on Renaissance artists that my AP Euro students did.  It took one 50-minute class period.  The site is FREE.


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