Monday Morning Roundup #8

Good Monday Morning!  I skipped last Monday in honor of Labor Day, but I’m back with another roundup of educational resources.

1.  Educreations – If you “flip” your classroom, check out this site.  It may make flipping much easier.  Educreations is both a website and iPad app that allows you to create and share video lessons with a browser or an iPad. Basically, you record your lecture or presentation while using an interactive whiteboard to show your audience images or write and erase as you go.  It’s Khan Academy, but with information in just the way you want it!  You can choose to share your videos via links with just your students or the whole world.  I’ve already created three short videos as a trial for an upcoming unit, and it didn’t take me long at all.  I’ve posted the links on Edmodo for my students to view.  In addition, students themselves could create videos as part of an assignment.  The site and app are FREE!

2.  Learnist – Are you a “pinner”?  Do you use Pinterest to find or share education ideas?  Well, Learnist is Pinterest for educators.  It’s a way of archiving all those ideas for the classroom that you come across while searching the web.  Right now it is in its Beta phase, but you can sign up with an email address to receive an invite.  The site is FREE.

3.  60-Second Adventures in Thought – David Mitchell hosts Open University’s 60-Second Adventures in Thought on iTunes.  These short, animated videos cover famous thought experiments from the Greeks to Albert Einstein.  Great way to introduce a concept or unit of study.  FREE.

4.  60-Second Adventures in Economics – Works the same way as Adventures in Thought. FREE.

5.  Thinglink – Thinglink allows you and your students to make any image an interactive platform.  Upload an image from your computer or the web, then tag it and tag it again.  Embed links to websites, videos, audio clips, etc.  The site is FREE.

6.  Founders’ Constitution – This website from the University of Chicago Press and the Liberty Fund is a great resource for all kinds of documents related to the U.S. Constitution.  It is useful for a number of classes in the social studies.


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