Monday Morning Roundup #9

Here’s a few education resources you might find helpful.

1.  C-SPAN Classroom – I came across C-SPAN Classroom when looking for resources related to the 2012 election.  While I found what I was looking for regarding the election, I found a lot more as well.  There are free resources and lesson plan ideas on a variety of topics related to the social studies.

2.  Infuse Learning – Infuse Learning is a student response system similar to Socrative, which I mentioned in a previous post.  What I like about Infuse Learning, however, is the ability to add images to my questions.  In addition, students can provide answers to questions in the form of drawings or diagrams. The site is FREE.

3.  Storyboard That – Storyboard That is an easy storyboarding tool.  Students can create 3- or 6-panel storyboards, and the website provides dozens of characters, props, etc. to use in the storyboard.  Students could use this in a variety of disciplines by creating word problems in mathematics, creating political cartoons in social studies, outlining a story in English, or explaining a concept in science.  The site is FREE.


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