Monday Morning Roundup #12

Just a few resources this week.

1. Influenza Encyclopedia – Produced by the University of Michigan Center for the History of Medicine and MPublishing, this website is a digital encyclopedia of the 1918-1919 epidemic.  Drawing on various primary documents, especially contemporary newspapers, the site is broken down into categories of people, places, and subjects.

2. Solar Walk – This free app is pretty cool.  Awesome 3-D graphics combined with accurate information about the planets, satellites, comets, etc., make this a great app for teaching and learning about the solar system.  FREE.

3.  Pyramids 3-D – Okay, at $13.99, this is an expensive app, and I really hope the price goes down in the future.  Still, it looks awesome.  The app allows you to explore the pyramids and tombs of ancient Egypt.  You can fly around Giza getting an aerial view of the monuments as well as enter into the tombs to get a close-up view of the  wall paintings and hieroglyphics.  Touching the paintings reveals information about the symbols and writings.  The app includes a book written by Zahi Hawass and others for more detailed information.  $13.99.

4.  Donald Duck, In Der Fuhrer’s Face – This WWII cartoon is one of several interesting propaganda films put out by Disney during WWII.  There’s plenty more available on YouTube, another of which also stars Donald Duck and deals with paying income taxes to support the war effort.  Whether you are teaching about WWII specifically or propaganda and persuasion in general, these short cartoons could add an extra element to your instruction.


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