Monday Morning Roundup #14


Here’s a few educational resources I’ve found this week.

1.  TodaysMeet – Okay, I’m really excited about this site, and I can’t wait to try it out next semester.  We all have those really quiet students in class, who may have great ideas and insights but never speak willingly.  Now, there’s a way to gauge their understanding and bring such students more easily into the discussion without putting them on the spot in front of everyone.  TodaysMeet is a microblogging site that provides a backchannel (a private chatroom just for your students) in your classroom.  Pose a question, have students ask questions and propose answers, all in real time.  FREE.

2. BookGlutton – BookGlutton argues that reading is a social experience.  With this site, teachers can create virtual reading groups inside a book.  According to the site, “You can create virtual groups to meet up inside a book. Have great discussions – chat inside any chapter! And with shared notes you can comment on any paragraph, and you’ll get notified when your friends respond.”  You can use the site’s catalogue which currently features hundreds of books and is growing, or upload books from Google or other sites.  FREE.

3. Revolution – Set in Williamsburg, VA, on the eve of the American Revolution in 1775, Revolution is an interactive game in which students take on one of seven roles.  Each role is based on different social, economic, and political characteristics. The consequences of actions are firmly based on these differing characteristics, allowing students to learn about a variety of experiences of the war.  FREE.

4. Documentary Heaven – Looking for a documentary for yourself or your students?  Check out this site for hundreds of free documentaries, categorized by subject area.  The site is growing all the time.  FREE.

5. Top Documentary Films – Still looking for a documentary?  Try this free site which offers over 2,000 documentary films and continues to grow.  FREE.


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