Monday Morning Roundup #15

mondayHere’s a few educational resources to start off your week.

1.  33 Digital Skills – Here’s a blog post about the 33 digital skills every teacher should have in her bag, with multiple links for each skill.  See how many skills you already possess. FREE.

2. Scoop It – Scoop It is a great resource for curating all those online articles and other resources you find on a given topic in one place.  Scoop It culls the web for articles and websites related to your topic.  Then, you pick and choose what you wish to “scoop”.  With Scoop It’s free version, you can archive resources related to up to five separate topics. FREE and paid subscriptions.

3. Zeen – Zeen is currently in its beta stage and is currently free.  It allows users to create digital magazines.  Your magazines can include text and pictures but also video and audio files as well.  If you’ve used Flipsnack, consider this a step up. FREE.

4. Presidential Inaugurations – Currently EDSITEment is spotlighting presidential inaugurations with a host of lesson plan ideas.  Whether you are an American history or government teacher or an English teacher studying public speaking, this site might offer some useful ideas. FREE.



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