Monday Morning Roundup #17

LK_number_17_color_greenblueA few useful resources for your Monday morning.

1.  Professor Word! – This application is in its beta phase but works pretty well.  Professor Word takes any webpage and highlights all SAT/ACT words on the page. Then, by hovering over the highlighted words, it will give the definition.  In addition, unhighlighted words can be highlighted and defined as well.  Great way to help kids broaden their vocabulary and make sure that they are reading information at a high enough reading level.  FREE.

2.  Library of Congress Primary Source Analysis Tool – Teaching students to read primary sources can be difficult.  This free site walks students through analyzing various kinds of primary sources from texts to photographs to films and audio recordings.  Once students have analyzed their document, they can print out their work or email it.  Given that the Common Core places a heavy emphasis on critical reading, analysis, and writing, this is a good way to get students working with primary documents.  FREE.

3.  Docs Teach – Using resources from the National Archives, you can create activities that get students to think historically.  Choose one of 8 tools such as “Making Connections,” “Mapping History,” or “Weighing Evidence,” and embed primary sources.  Then, students complete the activities.  Another great way to get students thinking critically and working with primary source material.  FREE.


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