Monday Morning Roundup #19

postbox-15502_640Good Monday morning!  Here’s a few resources you might find useful.

1. BoomWriter – BoomWriter is an online collaborative writing tool.  The teacher assigns a prompt or introductory chapter of an original narrative.  Each student then writes the second chapter and submits his or her work by the deadline.  Students then read one another’s entries, and vote for which one they think is best.  They cannot vote for their own entry nor can they see the names of the authors of the other entries.  The winner’s entry becomes chapter 2 of the story.  Then, the process starts anew until you have a completed book.  Great for language arts and social studies.  FREE.

2. Vatican Museum Virtual Tours – The Vatican Museum hosts several virtual tours including tours of the Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Rooms.  Students can zoom in on paintings and artifacts.  FREE.

3. – is an easy-to-use online tool to create infographics. FREE.

4. TweetDeck by Twitter – If you are using Twitter for professional purposes, following #edchat or #edtech conversations, Twitter may not be the best way to organize such conversations.  Try the application TweetDeck, which allows you to set up columns based on hashtags to more easily follow all Tweets related to a specific topic.  FREE.


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