To My APUSH Students

orange-84871_640This is a short post, but it’s something that I need to write.  Every teacher knows that there are some students with whom you just “click,” and every student knows that there are some teachers with whom he or she just seems to “click” as well.  This is to be expected because it’s the same in all human relationships.  It’s a little more rare, however, for a teacher to find an entire class of students where everyone seems to be seamlessly interwoven, where the absence of any one person is noticed and missed.  I am blessed to have such a class right now, and I am sad to know that I only have 2 days left with them.    So to my APUSH students, I love you and will miss having you in class next year.



  1. Great post, Donna. You are blessed. I told you after I taught that group how much you would love them. They are special and so are you. The teacher/ student relationship is so critical to good teaching – that’s one of my blog topics for another day.
    Blessings back at you for what you do.

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