Survey Says…

survey-saysI’m back to the world of blogging on a more regular basis although with a few changes coming as well.  For those of you who follow my blog fairly regularly, you will be familiar with something called “Monday Morning Roundup,” in which I list the latest educational websites and apps I’ve come across that week.  Well, Monday Morning Roundup is no more.

I’ve taken on a new position at school in addition to continuing to teach my AP history courses.  My new role has me focusing on curriculum and instruction and is research intensive (which I love), leaving me less time to peruse educational technology websites and blogs for the latest and greatest.  Fear not, my friends.  If you enjoyed Monday Morning Roundup, head over to this webpage.  My friend and colleague Karen McVay will be posting links to all things related to educational technology there in the coming months, and I will also post links that I come across as well.  There’s not much there right now, but be patient with us.  (I will also try to post links to sites and apps I mentioned in the past, although this won’t happen overnight!)

Instead of Monday Morning Roundup, I will instead focus more on communicating the latest educational research and the best practices in education.  This won’t be every Monday, since reading, analyzing, and summarizing the research on any given topic takes time. However, I will try to focus on one or two areas per month in addition to other posts about my own trials and tribulations in the classroom. 😉

Here are a few topics I’ve been researching so far this summer that I will blog about in the next couple of weeks in case you are interested: best practices in vocabulary instruction, the use of timed math fact tests, project- v. problem-based learning, and essential questions.

Finally, I’m open to suggestions.  If there is an area that you are interested in knowing more about but don’t necessarily have the time or inclination to do the research, let me know.


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