Welcome Back!

My endless summer is coming to a close mere moments after it began…or so it seems to me.  “Endless” because I packed so much into the last eight weeks both personally and professionally.  “Mere moments” because it never seems like enough time either personally or professionally.

I purposely didn’t blog over the summer because I needed to make time for other things in my life, but also because, to be perfectly honest, I was a bit burned-out with it all.  I planned on publishing my first post of the new school year on August 1, but August 1 came and went  without anything new.  I had a mild case of writer’s block, but it wasn’t the kind of writer’s block in which I had nothing to say.  Rather it was the kind in which I had too many options in terms of things to write about and I didn’t know which to write first.  It also just felt a little strange sitting down at my computer and beginning to write a post after so many weeks away.  So instead of using this post to explore one topic, I thought I’d use it to give my readers (and myself) a roadmap of some of the things to come over the next few weeks.

  • The “seven-year itch” as it relates to teaching
  • “Teflon learning” – how to recognize it and what to do about it
  • Starting over at a new school – the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • What museums can teach us about instructional practices
  • Adventures in local history
  • Advice and tips from the book Make It Stick

I hope you find something useful from these posts over the next few weeks.  Enjoy your last few days of summer, and I hope your new school year gets off to a start with a bang!


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