Please Share This With Your Students

Tomorrow, on the first day of school, I will be sharing this article with my new students.  It’s important whether you already teach in a 1:1 environment or not.  Electronic devices – whether phones, tablets, or computers – are no more and no less than tools, and all tools can be used in ways that profit learning or take away from that same learning.  I won’t be telling my students not to take notes on their computer, but I will be sharing what some of the latest research says so they can make informed decisions about how best to use their devices.  While some students may do just fine taking notes on computers, others will not, and at least according to this study, it seems like the majority will not.  Whereas in the past it seemed students who needed or wanted to use devices needed to get permission to do so, now I fear the pendulum has swung (too?) far in the other direction.  Students who do not benefit from the use of devices need the permission and even encouragement to forego the technology, at least for note-taking.


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