Surprise, Surprise

This is just a short follow-up post.  I am hoping to write a longer post this weekend….

In my last post, I left off writing that I wasn’t sure what exactly I would receive from my students when they turned in their first iMovie projects ever on Monday.  Based on what I witnessed in class last week, I felt sure these movies would fall into the genre of disaster films…and not in a good way.  But like those Hollywood movies where some hero inevitably comes along to save the day at the last possible moment, my students apparently swooped in over the weekend and saved themselves (and their grades :)).  The movies were actually quite good for the first time out, with only one having any serious technical issues.

Despite the fact that they turned out much better than expected, we still had our chat about preparation and wise use of time.  Most admitted sheepishly that they waited to watch my tutorials until the last moment, fixing their movies after making numerous mistakes along the way that could have been avoided.  Most also admitted that they did not use their class time fully, requiring more work outside of class than was necessary. I have no doubt that some will fall into the same pits the next time we do a project like this, but my hope is that one or two have learned their lesson.  Time will tell.

Today, we watched the iMovies in class, and I was surprised for a second time.  The students, who had seemed a little indifferent to the project last week, wanted to share their iMovies and wanted to see each other’s as well. In fact, I hadn’t planned to show them today, but I had so many requests that we took the last half of class to share the videos.  You could tell that they were both a little proud of their work and a little nervous about sharing.

Watching the students watch their movies made me remember that sometimes apathy can serve as a mask or a disguise to protect a student.  Sometimes that indifferent attitude is only skin deep.  This will be the subject of my next longer post.  Stay tuned.





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